Hi Everyone !


Have you always dreamt of a stylish wardrobe? Are you dying for a brand new haircut, and clothes that really suit you ? Do you always wonder how to dress to go to work, or for very special events ? Do you often make bad choices when it comes to makeup and clothing ?

Then don't hesitate a second !


I'll help you reviewing your clothes, and I'll give you some advice to empty and/or fill your cupboard the right way with basics and master pieces !

Let's hit the shops together : let me be your personal shoper ! I'll make you look prettier than ever thanks to my tips and partners (hairdressers, makeup artists....), suggesting you labels and brands you've probably never considered, but that will suit your body shape and budget.

I'll advise on what styles, shapes and colours will flatter you : making terrible "fashion faux-pas" will no longer concern you...


Here are some of the services I can provide you ( for further information, please contact me) :


  • - Wardrobe Edit
  • - Make up and/or haircut advice
  • - Color advice
  • - Morphological analysis and clothing advice
  • - Personal Shopper
  • - Complete Makeover


So if you guys  really want to find the best styling and makeover Coach in Nantes, just call me and let me guide you !